Art Nordic cooperates with galleries both in this country and abroad, and we encourage “our” artists to exhibit in other countries all over the world.

40 artists, who are connected to Art Nordic, have in recent years exhibited in France, Belgium, Italy, Holland, Germany and in various cities in Scandinavia – and even as far away as in Dubai, Japan, U.S.A and Canada. Be careful when you choose and invest in Art Fairs, believe in your talent and cooperate actively both with other artists and with the organizers. You are dealing with your livelihood and your possible success, there is a lot at stake.

Renewal and development are important to an artist. That is why it is important that you notice new tendencies, also when you participate in an Art Fair like Art Nordic. Another booth then last year, another lay-out of the booth can enhance the individual artists talent and skills. Remember - it is important to keep the visitors attention in any possible way you can.