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Art Nordic invites you take part in, and exhibit at Northern Europe’s biggest art exhibition.

Starting Friday 20th through Sunday 22th April 2018 does Art Nordic host in the new and raw Art Exhibition Center: Lokomotivværkstedet exclusively, in the heart of the city center, Copenhagen, Denmark at the 10.000 square meter facility. Restricted to 200 preselected exhibiting artists despite more space is available.

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The history of Art Nordic

In April 2015 did 10.800 art interested guests visit and reviewed Art Nordic and in 2016 did more than 12.000 visit the latest art exhibition. In 2017 did almost 14.000 amongst were 176 art clubs besides visitors from 25 nations.

Art Nordic is growing
In April 2018 does Art Nordic estimate that more than 16.000 visitors returns to view the upcoming Art Nordic exhibition with the 200 artists selected to take part. The average size of each exhibition space is more than 15m2.
Art Nordic has by April 2016 grown from a total of 5.500 square meters to more than 10.000 square meters.

Art Nordic was in 2016 accepted as one of the most important Art Fairs in the world!

Sign up for Art Nordic as exhibitor

First time exhibitors
If you have not exhibited before, and have not been pre advised you are prequalified, do send us a short introduction to whom you are include 5 photos of art produced by you within the last 12 month and include a short outline sharing with us where you have exhibited before the past 3 years.

Prequalified exhibitor
Have you been invited to take part at Art Nordic as a prequalified artist and maybe having taken part at Art Nordic in 2014 or 2015 or 2016 do send us an updated data sheet including a photo of a piece of art to be used by us in Art Nordic’s marketing up through April 2017. The picture may be of art sold or unsold.

The photo must have a size 1- 10 Mb (the more detail shown the better the result)


  • Your name and the name of your gallery

  • Your address, postal code, City and country

  • Phone number and mobile number

  • Your e-mail address

  • Your WEB address

  • Name of your bank


The space exhibition number is chosen by us but if you have wishes with respect to space do advise your wish and if not already taken – you will be allocated that space.

Feel free to contact us if you wish with respect to space wishes.

We shall inform, and confirm your space selection and we advise against you making payment until you have received our confirmation on the space selected.

Send all data to: info@art-nordic.dk

Art Nordic ApS
Sofiendalsvej 49, 4690 Haslev, Denmark
Phone: +45 5189 5172
CVR : 35404244
Bank: Jyske Bank, dk 4600 Koege, Denmark
IBAN number: DK 1550350001491191

event 1

Starting April 2017 Art Nordic has moved and now Art Nordic more than doubled the space and we exhibit in 2018 throughout more than +10.000 m2.

Now with 1.000 parking spaces free of charge right outside the exhibition space.

We wish to restrict the quantity of exhibitors and neded to facilitate and to make more space for guests and for the selected visitors avoiding cramp spaces too small for comfort.

  • Pay approximately 35% less than in 2016 and get much more space.
    No signup fee is charged in 2018 or in 2017.
  • Besides exhibit when you wish, as long as you choose and always exhibit if it makes sense to you.

It’s your art and your choices at all times. Art Nordic does not wish to restrict your livelihood.

Exhibitors from 25 Nations are expected to take part. Last year (2017) the same qty of nations.

Art Nordic expects to be sold out (like all other years we have been in business the past 5 years and we expect to be sold out by end of 2017.

All prices are including 25% V.A.T.

In 2018 our prices are starting roughly at DKK 9.800 - EUR 1.300 size 3 x 3 meter including 8 m wall to (example to DKK 11.600 - EUR 1.550 for space size 3 x 3,5 meter and 9,5m wall)

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parkering 2018

Art Nordic spent roughly DKK 2.400.000 (EUR 320.000) on marketing at Art Nordic 2017 and the same up at Art Nordic 2018.

Art Nordic advertise locally and internationally and Art Nordic has entered into agreements with experts in various fiends of expertise to optimize results for all. Much new is added in 2018 and Art Nordic has as intend to include TV media and new media we shall be given proper media attention, as do we likewise intend to take advantage of social media besides the exhibitors in various ways to the benefit of all involved in Art Nordic.

The Art Nordic Art Book 2018 is published in 10.000 copies and sent out to further +3.000 special V.I.P clients inside and outside Scandinavia is distributed some 4 weeks ahead of the art exhibition for optimal result. Art Nordic has from in 2016 been included amongst the most important art exhibitions in Scandinavia and FACEBOOK has awarded Art Nordic 4,5 ***** stars out of max 5 starts based on 3.200 reviews having visit our home page.

Art Nordic does not take out insurance (except by law mandatory insurance) why each exhibitor must secure separate insurance if you wish. Theft, water, fire is amongst what the individual exhibitor wish to insure. May we add, over 5 years we have only experienced one incident of due to the a handling fault. 

One incident due a handling fault, besides one theft of a camera.

Hotel accommondation
Hotel is not included, but not expensive. Art Nordic recommend (two miles) away. Art Nordic recommends two hotels (clean and friendly respectively 1 km and 2.5 km from Lokomotivvækstedet.

Wakeup Copenhagen
Carsten Niebuhrs Gade ll
DK-1577 Copenhagen V
Phone +45 4480 0010

Cabinn City
Michellsgade 14
DK-1568 Copenhagen V
Phone: +45 3338 5610

Food and Drink
In 2018 cafee’s and other services are open for business at Art Nordic.

Outside the exhibition centre 
Koedbyen is the name of the area and only 2.000 meter away, and/or FISKETORVET: Indian, Thai, Italian, and Danish beside various nationalities. A distance to the shopping center is merely 500 meter. A wide range of hype restaurants are available and all within 2 km away or see of yourself: Friendly and with food in modern tastes Besides the restaurants represent the modern kitchen. Very Hype.


Free admission for guests
All exhibitors may at no charge to you or your guests invite anyone you wish to see at Art-Nordic in April 20th.

Free admission entrances may be used at will throughout the 3 day Art Nordic is open.

Opening hours

Art Nordic 2018 at the Lokomotivværkstedet
Friday 20th April from/to 14 – 19
Saturday 21th April from/to 10 – 17
Sunday 22th April from/to 10 – 17

Moving into Lokomotivværkstedet:
Thursday 19th April from/to 17 – 20
Friday 20th April from/to 08 – 13.45

Moving out:
Sunday 22nd th April 2017 from/to 17 – 21

If you start taking down the exhibition space BEFORE 17.00 a fee is added in the amount DKK 2.000 (EUR 270).

Otto Busses Vej 5 A
DK-2450 Copenhagen

Stand prices and stand plan

Prices have been reduced with around 35% compared with 2016.

Hotel is not included in the price in 2017

>> See space prices and space plan

Space size
Deapth x
Meter wall
Price EUR
V.V.T. 25%
Stand på 8 m2 2 x 4,0 m 8 m væg 1.310
Stand på 10 m2 2 x 5,0 m 9 m væg 1.440
Stand på 12 m2 2 x 6 m 10 m væg 1.530
Stand på 14 m2 2 x 7,0 m 11 m væg 1.800
Stand på 9 m2 3 x 3 m 9 m væg 1.320
Stand på 12 m2 3 x 4,0 m 10 m væg 1.533
Stand på 15 m2 3 x 5 m 11 m væg 1.800
Stand på 10,5 m2 3 x 3,5 m 9,5 m væg 1.550
Stand på 14 m2 3,5 x 4 m 11 m væg 1.706
Stand på 17,5 m2 3,5 x 5,0 m 12 m væg 1.866
Stand på 12 m2 4 x 3,0 m 10 m væg 1.533
Stand på 16 m2 4 x 4,0 m 12 m væg 1.920
Stand på 20 m2 4 x 5,0m 13 m væg 2.133

Extra charge - turn a space and share with one more artist
DKK 1.000 (EUR 133) for artist number 2 you wish to share your exhibition space with an exhibitor of your choosing.The use of outer walls are prohibited. IF used the charge is DKK 2.000 (EUR 265 per meter).

Pay cash or pay in 3 installments

  • 1st installmen when having been accepted to take part at Art Nordic, within 14 days you have been admitted. and is: DKK 3.500 (EUR 466 Euro)
  • 2nd installment is payable 4 month pre the Art Nordic 
  • exhibiton starts 20thDecember 2017: DKK 3.500 (EUR 466 Euro)
  • 3rd installment is: balance payment due - no later than the 20th February 2018

All prices are included 25% V.A.T.

All purchases are binding for buyer/seller. If an exhibitor is turned down as exhibitor you shall be reimbursed without delay.

Payments must be made to:

Jyske Bank
Fændediget 1A
DK-4600 Køge
Reg.number.: 5035-1491191
IBAN-number: 1550350001491191

Include with payment:
Your exhibition space number, your name, address, mail address and www number.

Art Nordic reserve the right to
At Art Nordic all spaces allocated are strictly personal and cannot be transferred to a 3rd party. WHEN two artist sign up for Art Nordic the sharing of an exhibition space is a liability both artists share in solidum the full expense. Program Changes only when due to matters beyond the control of Art Nordic are dictates.

Reservation - parts and assessories
Above prices do not include supplementary assessories.

Further information

Art book 2018
For each space booked by you, you receive one full page in the art book 2018 with a picture of your chosen art work made by you. Shown to inspire and personal info which we add in order to find you easy to further directly stay in touch or to be found and to ease your future direct communication.

Art Nordic stresses that Art Nordic reserve full right to use any artists photo besides in the Art Book and/or in the electronic art book 2018 in an effort to enhance the knowledge of you as artist and attract customers and sales for the artist now and in the future. There is no compensation given by Art Nordic to the artist.

Likewise is it free for the artist to be included in the art book 2018.

For the art exhibition an artist has to order assessories 2½ month prior th Art Nordic 2018 starts, in case you wish to order any assessories. Likewise does Art Nordic guarantee whatever parts ordered will be present when you arrive at Art Nordic 2018 building your exhibition space

All exhibitors receive via mail direct info reminding it is time to order assessories if needed.
Each exhibition space has is “born” with a chair and each space is born with 6 spots. If an exhibitor has further wishes you are to fill out the order form send to you well ahead well ahead of the deadline for return.

You will be asked to fill out the order form then , being shown in due time or send you at www.art-nordic.dk or info.art-nordic.dk
Art Nordic cannot guarantee supply of assessories if not in time and if not paid in time.

Payment for assessories must take place no later than 30 days ahead of Art Nordic 2018 starting up.

Successive updates
Art Nordic is sending successive information up to the time of Art Nordic 2018 with respect to what we deem important for exhibitors. We advise you successively stay informed or take advantage by using info at Facebook.

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