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Spaces at Art Nordic 2018
Lokomotiv Værkstedet
The biggest  art exhibition in Northern Europe

Arrangement: Art Nordic 2018  - 198 exhibition spaces
Dates: 20th – 22th April 2018

Drawn up by:
Art Nordic  
Telephone: +45 5189 5172

Otto Busses Vej  5A
DK-2450  Copenhagen SV

Prices have been reduced with around 35% compared with 2016. Hotel is not included in the price in 2018. 2 artists may share and exhibit from the same exhibition space

DKK 1.000 (EUR 133) for artist number 2 you wish to share your exhibition space with an exhibitor of your choosing.The use of outer walls are prohibited. IF used the charge is DKK 2.000 (EUR 265 per meter).

For the art exhibition an artist has to order assessories 2½ month prior th Art Nordic 2018 starts, in case you wish to order any assessories. Likewise does Art Nordic guarantee whatever parts ordered will be present when you arrive at Art Nordic 2018 building your exhibition space

All exhibitors receive via mail direct info reminding it is time to order assessories if need be.

Each exhibition space has is “born” with a chair and each space is born with 6 spots. If an exhibitor has further wishes you are to fill out the order form send to you well ahead well ahead of the deadline for return.

You will be asked to fill out the order form then , being shown in due time or send you at www.art-nordic.dk or info.art-nordic.dk

Art Nordic cannot guarantee supply of assessories if not in time and if not paid in time.

Payment for assessories must take place no later than 30 days ahead of Art Nordic 2018 starting up.

Space size
Deapth x
Meter wall
Price EUR
V.V.T. 25%
Stand på 8 m2 2 x 4,0 m 8 m væg 1.310
Stand på 10 m2 2 x 5,0 m 9 m væg 1.440
Stand på 12 m2 2 x 6 m 10 m væg 1.530
Stand på 14 m2 2 x 7,0 m 11 m væg 1.800
Stand på 9 m2 3 x 3 m 9 m væg 1.320
Stand på 12 m2 3 x 4,0 m 10 m væg 1.533
Stand på 15 m2 3 x 5 m 11 m væg 1.800
Stand på 10,5 m2 3 x 3,5 m 9,5 m væg 1.550
Stand på 14 m2 3,5 x 4 m 11 m væg 1.706
Stand på 17,5 m2 3,5 x 5,0 m 12 m væg 1.866
Stand på 12 m2 4 x 3,0 m 10 m væg 1.533
Stand på 16 m2 4 x 4,0 m 12 m væg 1.920
Stand på 20 m2 4 x 5,0m 13 m væg 2.133

Art Nordic 2018 space plan lokomotivvaerkstedet GB