20th - 22th April 2018

Dear guests and dear exhibitors

VWelcome to Art-Nordic

Talent have you, and tales grow when talent is idolized.
Talent has to be nourished and cultivated in order to grow.

Galleries have talent in order to see, identify, and to whom representing and have the ultimate natural talent and the galleries have that unique talent to combine the very best in art and the persons attracted to that very best and the visitors who strive see and experience and to share the best and the ultimate grandness.

The strategic alliances between the creative and the innovative artists, combined with galleries with their talent and the talent the gallery has in order to see, to feel and to sense and to share and excite all.

Great talents come out of every country, and Art Nordic is pleased and honored to for the 5th year to contribute too, to the help build and share with all art lovers from Scandinavian and Europe collectively the 10.000 square meters at Lokomotivværkstedet in Copenhagen center only 2,5 km from The Town Hall square, with bright and talented artist from 20 nations, in 2018, all prequalified and very gifted, most attending in person through the 3 days, meeting other artist, but most important meeting you being the most important, you the ultimate judges and the customer.

In April 2015 did 10.800 art interested guests visit and reviewed Art Nordic and in 2016 did more than 12.000 visit the latest art exhibition. In 2017 did almost 14.000 amongst were 176 art clubs besides visitors from 25 nations.

In April 2018 does Art Nordic estimate that more than 16.000 visitors returns to view the upcoming Art Nordic exhibition with the 200 artists selected to take part. The average size of each exhibition space is more than 15m2.

Art Nordic has by April 2016 grown from a total of 5.500 square meters to more than 10.000 square meters. The parking facilities have grown from in 2016, 250 parking spaces to more than 1.000 spaces in 2018.

The parking facilities have grown from in 2016, 250 parking spaces to more than 1.000 parking spaces in 2018. The parking is free of charge throughout the 5 days at Art Nordic including the 3 days Art Nordic is open for all visitors to the extend parking spaces are available where at the same time it is legal to park.

Otto Busses Vej 5A, DK-2450 København SV

Boi Wynsch